The Benefits of Bowling  & Method of Play

It is accessible by people with a wide range of disability .

It appeals to all ages.

It has physical, social and welfare benefits; fresh air and exercise in summer and meeting people during the long winter days.  This can be extremely helpful in reducing isolation felt by many visually impaired people and creating improved quality of life and a healthier lifestyle. 

Bowling can also contribute to improved mobility skills, especially in older players, and build increased self-confidence. 

Method of Play

How we play the game 

We use the 'clock method' as it is generally known, and this is possibly the most important innovation to all blind bowlers. Using this system, the 'Marker' who is a very important individual in our game, is stationed beyond the 'jack'. His job is to indicate to those at the mat end, at what time and distance from the 'jack' the bowl has come to rest.

The 'jack' is the centre of the clock, therefore, six o'clock would be in front and twelve o'clock behind, with all other positions being relative to the clock. From the information fed back from the 'marker' the player can build up a mental picture of the 'head', knowing exactly the position of each bowl in the 'head', thus allowing the player who cannot see, to be involved and familiar with the finer points of the game.

One  concession made to Visually Impaired bowling> - . A  fine centre string runs under the mat and is fixed at both ends. The main object of this centre string is to help the bowler to judge the angle for the amount of green required


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